GNX Wheels - Where Can I Get Them?


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Aaaaaand what size are they? 16" or 17"?

What is the largest tire size I can fit at all four corners without rubbing when I turn? I plan on putting the same size tire at all four corners, not larger in the back and smaller in the front.
You can't buy real GNX wheels, but you can buy 16X8 GTA "front" wheels which are very similar in appearance to the Original GNX wheels but the offset is slightly different. Original GNX wheels were offset outward about 1/2" in front and about 1 inch outward in back. This is one of the reasons GNX's had fender flairs. GTA "Front" wheels have zero offset, so the car would have a 2" narrower track in back with GTA wheels vs. original GNX wheels.

The original GNX used 255/50VR16 tires in back and 245/50VR16 tires in front. 255/50-16's are very close to the stock tire height of 26" while 245's are a little shorter. 255's in front will likely rub all over the place. There is the dilemma about running the same tire all around.
I went back and looked. Page 270 after you dowload the Pontiac catalog. $539.00 set or $149.oo each
Kirbans doesn't sell the GNX style wheels anymore. The only place to get the GTA wheels is from Classic Industries. You can order them through YearOne, but they order from Classic then ship to you.
C.I. just got a HUGE shipment of GTA fronts in, so snag them up now before they are gone for another year.

And instead of buying the set (cheaper), buy the four fronts. That way you won't have to fiddle with spacers. I know that some guys run the rears up front and fronts in the rear. It does work with some. The choice is yours, just making a suggestion.

P.S. Don't forget to order the platic lug covers and lug nuts. As well as, the center caps and medalions. You can get Buick medalion stickers from the various venders out their.
Do what 87GN suggested. That is a really good deal if they are in good condition and include jug nuts, covers, and center caps.
In a recent post, it was pointed out that the company actually manufacturing the GTA wheels for Classic Industries is also the supplier for GTA wheels for General they are the same in every respect? :confused:
You could get different colors from GM besides black, but other than that they are the same wheels. The centers are the same as the original GNX wheels, too, though the offset call outs cast into the backs are different.

JWC is the OEM on a lot of wheels. From pontiacs to lincolns to trucks.

Kirbans GNX wheels are flat near the lugs, where the GTA's have raised spokes.
Kirban's told me they no longer sell the GNX wheels but are looking to get them made by somebody in the near future. ETA was very roughly June.