GNX wrecked?

Kirban did have a similar set-up, and maybe still does. Only a few places that yoiu can get it installed, and it is $$$. Not sure it the one from Kirban has the GNX cast into the rear axle cover, though. Maybe someone who is familiar with both could look at the photos and point out the differences?
I posted that ebay auction in the GNX forum. I know that they get wrecked b/c someone here in middle ga wrecked one, and the insurance repair bill was like $20K. They didn't even total it from what I understand.
That guy has been an ebay member since March 04,and has "0" feedback. I am going to stay away.
For under $3000. you can get a 12 bolt strange full floater S-60 probably with disc brakes all brand new.-thats the route im taking.
in Philly.. NO feedback. I emailed him to go check it out.. :) I knwo for a fact there were not GNX's wrecked in Philly recently
The one that Kirban makes is an exact copy. They took an actual GNX and looked over the suspension and copied it piece by piece, even down to the GNX aluminum cover. He still makes this suspension as well and it costs $1995 for the suspension +$30 shipping, then you have to pay $550 for the GNX exhaust +$20 as a regular GN exhaust wont work with the GNX suspension. You do not have to have it installed by him. They now lone out the suspension fixture that is needed to weld all the pieces in the correct place. That costs $500 but it is refunded once you return the fixture to him. The one on ebay could be either a real one or a reproduction.
Kirban GNX axle

Mr. Kirban makes a pretty nice replica of the GNX axle mod. He spent a lot of time and energy on the project. If you want to go that way, his is the only way to go. 9 inch Fords are pretty cool too, can't beat the strength! Have fun, get your checkbook ready!
Let's go check it out Frank! :biggrin:

Here is a wrecked x :eek:



Looks like it took a tree or pole just behind the drivers door. No front impact.
That wrecked GNX pic has been floating around for A-W-H-I-L-E! Car & parts are long gone :p
other than the cover the suspension parts are not that hard to copy .. very rough stuff from GM that looks like it was done in someone's garage !! :eek:
That wrecked GNX pic reminds me of when I was in the market for a GN, I sent all my friends a picture of a wrecked GN, I used photoshop to add the current date to it like I had taken the pic with my digital camera, and told my buddies I wrecked a GN on a test drive. :biggrin:
he wrote me back.. Oh boy. its in North Philly.. I asked what happened to the rest of the car. He said it was totalled years ago and all the rest of the parts are long sold..