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I Have New Gn1 Aluminum 14 Bolt Heads With Roller Rockers And Spring Upgrade THAT ARE RACE PORTED///champion Race Intake AGAIN RACE PORTED Complete//dls Balanced Complete Stroker Kit//dls Roller Cam Complete Bolt In No Machine Work/// All Parts Are New In Box I Have Pics To All That Want This Intake Is Sick Like A Work Of Art All Parts Good To Go 9 Sec Also 109 .30 With Billet Caps Pm If Interested
Block and Stroker kit

Please let me know how much you want for the block and stroker kit.

Is the block ready to Go? ALso what kind of roller cam do you have?

$3,400.00 for both needs line honed for billet mains the cam is billet roller from dls asking $1,100.00 let me know i can send pics of all thanks