Going to go to a double pumper but was looking for information


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It's pretty much official, I need more pump. So will be upgrading to Nick's double pump DW300 setup from Nick's single 450. But before I do, I wanted to get some of the expert veterans opinions on this one scenario.

No matter how good quality of items you put onto a car failure with anything mechanical can be a potential issue, or in due time will be an issue. Let's say you are pushing your car and one pump goes out. What the hell do you do then? Nothing, hope for the best?

Me and Fiscus hang out often. You all know what his car is capable and proven to do. So I take alot of his advice as well as Cal and Nick as pretty much as bible. We talked back and forth for a bit this weekend and all signs led to my latest failure after looking at a couple logs, and looking at my head gasket failure to not having sufficient pump.

We researched the Walbro 450 and it can work for most, but in certain cases and situations with a completely opened engine you may run into issues with the amount of E85 it can push at 16v, higher RPM and boost situations.

One thing that scared the hell out of me is him mentioning failure of one of the duals. Well he runs one hell of an external setup on his race car, as well as many others that I have asked so I am looking for some thoughts on those that have run a dual pump. Are there things that you have to do, constantly monitor, worry about, etc.

I just dont want to do another HG.

I'll post my goals, intentions so you can understand what I do with the car.

I dont race it. I may track it, but this is not my main intention. I DONT want to lose at stop lights. I like to beat on it a bit on the weekends out in the country. I dont care how much horsepower it makes. I dont care how fast of ET I could accomplish. I want to turn key and not have to worry too much about doing harm having a little fun.

My combo is listing all the items done, I have pretty much crossed all the T's and dotted i's till the cows have come home. Pump seems to be the last missing item.
Let's say you are pushing your car and one pump goes out. What the hell do you do then? Nothing, hope for the best?
I've posted about this many times and even explained why using the largest injector feasible is so important. There's one big feature that most don't use in the XFI that can help prevent lean out if the fuel pressure falls. Also I disagree with your assessment that the fuel pump was not enough unless you pressure tested at the same temperature at the pressures you will be running at. If it was injector duty cycle would be jumping very rapidly where it's lean. What I saw in your screen shot was lean with zero correction. So either it wasn't in closed loop or the positive correction in that area of the map was 0. Typically the top rows will be set to 25% positive correction. So that alone will help if the pump is weak but isn't a real reflection of the ve calculated fuel which is assuming the fuel pressure is 1:1. There are plenty of options out there for longevity pumps too. Holley had the baddest of the bad high output efi pumps available. They are brushless and can move a lot of fuel at high pressures. I've seen 1300+hp cars running the double Holley. Iirc these pumps were designed for the high hp street applications because there was a huge gap in efi pumps. Power went up faster than efi pumps could be engineered. You either went to a monster external like a big Weldon or whatever that was loud and needed a lot of maintenance or you played with fire and a stack of low output efi in tank type pumps that could potentially fail one at a time. Some may think throwing $2-5k at a fuel system seems excessive but feeding a $10000 or sometimes much more engine with a couple $200 pumps in a tank that could leave you high and dry with several thousand in engine damage I know what I'd be doing! Anything could happen even with the best stuff available but it's nice knowing you are doing whatever possible to prevent a failure.

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I agree with all (that i can come close to understanding :)) that you state. There was some correction that was corrected in the map. I leave all that tune up to Cal. I still ran the car recently and noticed that the fuel pump seems to not be keeping up as the IDC is increasing percentage erratically at higher voltages being asked for at 70% tps = more boost pressures...... (gasping for fuel???) I discussed with Cal about the fuel pressure correction feature that FAST has. I need to verify that I have a completely calibrated transducer compared to my oil filled gauge set on the rail. I need to run into the car, or where i can see before we take that step. I think for the extra cash to run doubles it is more safeguard than 450l. I'll have to look at the holley stuff for kicks, but am not sure that Nick can incorporate those into his hanger. Oh I know about putting money into fuel. Ill put whatever resources will be necessary but running an external....I feel is overkill for what I want to do with it, maybe wrong...i guess stay tuned :)