Going to South GA Motorsport Park


It's my Granny's car!
Gonna make 2 or 3 passes. Haven't made a track pass since I upgraded from my Red's 93 to Translator Gen2 and Bob's Extender G chip. Main reason for going is my friend has my old 91 GT has added a 70mm turbo and Megasquirt plug and play setup. We have the tune close but needs some tweaking.
Well the mustang smoked the King Cobra clutch with 6psi:( I made 2 pases, did 12.16 @114 with a 2.0 60ft and second pass it did 1.7 60ft and went 11.78@115. On straight 93 octane and no alky thru stock intercooler and running 17#. I have MT 255/60/15 Street R DR on T wheels.