Gold GN with Trunk Mural

saw this car in person the interior weather stripping are beat to death must have spent all his cash on the ugly tractor trailer wheels and "special trunk lid". i asked if he had any other gns, he said he had a gnx for 30k i said let me see it, it is in the back on the lift he said, well it was a beat up bad clone. i just walked away without saying anything.
That places usually has junk. I've looked at several GN's he's had over the years. He's had that "GNX" forever now and trying to unload it. It's a real roach too.
That's just nasty.....atleast you can do is match the car on the trunk with the car it's on....looks like a Caprice on the back....FUGLY!

Olds in the Background

How does the Olds in the background look? Nice in the pix and it looks like a W30 hood.

the car as a whole is crappy. I like the morale but not on the car. It would make a cool shirt or something but thats about it. And the gn in the picture would need to be redone. Whats with the horrible steering wheel?
Looking at that website made my stomach hurt. :(

The more I scrolled through the pics of the "GNX" the madder I got. I like how the ad reads, "just completed to perfection to look like the real thing."

Yeah, the car has a stock GN dash and some ridiculous dash plaque above the glove box. I think the last word on mind as I read and looked at the pics was "perfection."
This lot is located about 2 miles from my house. It makes me sick everytime I drive by and see so many over priced pieces of crap. The guy thinks he is sitting on a gold mind, when really the cars he has are not worth 1/4 what he asking. The guys a hack. Take a magnet to anyone of the cars on his lot and you'll see the amount of bondo used by his body shop to repair these cars.

I have seen this GN but not up close. It's hidieous. Huge wheels on GN makes me wanna throw up, and a mural????? Why...? He also has a black Regal in front of his lot with a regular 3.8 v6 with tons of miles in rough shape and he wants $5500...Good Luck buddy. What ever you do, STAY AWAY FROM BLACK TIE. :mad:

just my .02 cents