Good Joke


Identity Crisis
Oct 20, 2010
If you want to see a terrible scam, sell anything on craigslist. Instantly you will get emails of people very interested and trusting your description even though they dont know you. Then you get the line of them sending you a certified bank check, I took all 12 I got to my bank to see if there was any way they could trace them and there was nothing they could do. Its funny cause five of the six checks were mistakenly written and were over two thousand dollars more and they wanted me to just put the cash in the shipping container and send it to them.

Another "good" scam that is a terrible joke is common kids cars (aka STI's, EVO's,etc) The have to sell them quick for some reason or another. They have you send them the money to a "trusty" third party and thell ship the car to you, usually from Canada. You cant come see the car tho because they are to busy or are not near the car but can get you any picture you want, like dealership pics:D Anyway, You dont have to approve they get the money until your satisfied with the product.:D:DI dont know about you guys but this sounds like a deal to me:D:D