Good machine shop in illinois/iowa?


Sep 16, 2008
Sure this question has been asked before but wanted to check to see if anyone on here has had good luck with any machine shops in illinois or iowa? Looking to have a block machined and possible assembled, nothing crazy on a build. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Thanks kris
Tony Zenner in Dubuque has probably done 30 or more 109 builds from stock to girdle forged jobs. Zenner machine.
Precision Engine and Machine in Sleepy Hollow, IL. Rich Sliwinski is used by many in the chicagoland GSCA.
Nothing crazy. Block already has billet caps machined on it but sat for a couple years so needs to be cleaned and prepped again. Crank has already been cut 10/10 and looks very nice but again sat for a long time. Forged speed pro piston, hyd 214/214 cam, etc. Just wanting someone who had some experience to go through everything and possible assembleshort block. Thanks for the info I will contact zimmer on Monday and see.
If you just need assembly, Eric Knapp could do that but not any needed machine work. It'd be less expensive than having a machine shop do it. Bloomington, WI. 6089943460. Tell him Matt sent you. He'll at least tell you a good course of action and he'll take it to zenner if it does need anything.
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Thanks I will reach out to him as well. Block will definetly need cleaned and prepped since it was hot ranked, etc then sat on a bench and got surface rust on it.Thats my major concern, but figure if I take it somewhere to do the block I might as well see what it will run for them to assemble the rest of it.