Good News for a Change!!!



Just wanted to let y'all know that I start a new job next Monday in the quality control lab at Marathon-Ashland Petroleum. It's going to be quite the commute (about 60 miles) AND I'll have to shave on a regular basis (Blechhh! I've had either a beard or goatee since I was ~15 years old,) but it looks like a VERY GOOD opportunity & I was able to negotiate (beg) my way to a pretty nice little raise. :D

Doug C.
Good luck Doug.

Damm headhunter got me on the phone tonight might have a few things for me. :eek:

Got to stay online more often. :D
Congrats, I worked for Flowserve for 6 years as a Leadman/Machinist and we supplied mechanical seals to Marathon Ashland petro and BP etc.. Good Luck:D