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Aug 2, 2010
I changed my intake setup today and had some issues after running car.
Old intake set up was a 3'' intake tube with a cone style K&N mounted in the engine compartment. Took in alot of hot air.
New set up is basically the same except I lengthened the intake tube and put a cone type filter with open end on it behind the headlight.
My ATS sensor is just in front of the MAF. Is that ok?
My ATS is about 85 cruising. outside temp is high 60's.
At WOT top of 3rd had no KR so I sarted upping the boost. Got it at about 19 right now with no KR.
That's when I stareted getting the issues. Car is rich at idle 115-118 bl's but at wot it goes 150 bl and breaks up real bad. So I took out 10% fuel in WOT 1st gear. That fixed the breaking up but still goes 150 1st and 2nd and part of 3rd. I'm running 17% more fuel WOT all gears. Doesn't have any KR. Fuel pressure is 41 line off.

Is it ok to have it go 150 bl as long as it's pulling hard and no kr?

EDIT: cruising bl's and idle bl's are 115-120
what are you using to log with power logger? WOuld need to see a log.