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ok got a couple of questions just got heads and intake put back on car heads have had a valve job and springs and port and polish and intake port and polish job i just got it all put back together went to start it and running really bad it is poping and banging and wont idle has no vac. and trided to boost it up parked and just went to 2#but started to clear out so i thught maybe plug wires wrong i thought the firing order was 246 back of coil pack and 135 front of coil pack is this right i couldnt find any vac leaks on car but it was really running to bad to be able to find any if there was one so i switched 3and5 on front and ran better then i switched 4and 6 on back and the car smoothed out but still no vac. or boost just a little bit anyway i am lost and rambling on so any help or ideas would be great oh what is the correct firing order thanks
Relax and don't forget to breathe! :D Yeah, the coilpack should be grouped like this:


There should be little numbers by each sparkplug wire tower. That would show you the correct configuration. As for the vacuum issue, it doesn't sound like you messed with the timing chain so I wouldn't think it's necessarily a timing issue. However, did you have the cam sensor out? That could cause some of these symptoms. Is your MAF plugged in? Any more details to your cylinder head replacement that you can share? HTH
The original coilpack (mine anyway) isn't numbered, and the replacement coilpack I got from the dealer IS numbered, HOWEVER, the numbering layout is different from stock! I've found 3 different numbering layouts on various TR coilpacks!

I believe mine goes:

4 2 6
1 5 3

BUT, regardless of the numbering layout from left to right, the front to back must always pair:
#1 with #4,
#2 with #5
#3 with #6

If you had:
2 4 6
1 3 5
it's no wonder it was popping and banging! Swapping 3 and 5 would have made #6 okay, IF # 3 was okay to start with!

Anyway, sorry for the confusion! Try John's firing order, and if that isn't right, try mine! Let us know!
thanks for your help guys i will give it a try i didnt have the timing chain out i replaced it about 5 months ago and didnt take out or move the cam sensor so i think it must be firing order no more to share on heads though i had a buddy do them that owns a shop out here that is mostly for turbo buicks oh yea just installed the nos kit also for the buick going with a 75 wet shot to bad its not running yet but hopefully it will by this weekend got to get ready for the ford buick shootout at local track
it looks like the coil pack is the org. no numbers on towers so i will try both to see if one works
car running great!!!!!!!!:) !!!! 153 front and 426 back thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let us know how the NOS works out :) It's supposed to have amazing effects on hotair TBs. I know a guy locally who went from roughly 14.1 to 11.89 with a 70 shot. He had a decent amount of engine and other mods too tho.