Got me a Riced out Civic today....

Kyle F

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BUt no not with the TTA, but my daily driver Escort with errr some mods.
Anyways Im at the gas station filling up(rare in a 1.8L) and after I am done and getting in my car I see a complete riced out blue civic go down the road in the direction I am going.
I mean this car had the bolt on adjustable 3 foot high wing, more stickers than I could count. They were all over the windows, windshield back window, paint, and the one that got me most was a website that covered his whole rear bumper.
So I eventually wevae through two lane in town traffic to get behind him going up to the freeway. I dont race in town no matter what.
Well I get up on his ass and keep it locked in first all the way to the redline, just incase he juumps early, and then shif into second and are at about 40 mph when we actually get on the freeway and Im still in second. HEs going slow so I pull out in the left lane beside him to show him Im wanting a piece.
He looks over and smiles, considering the only sticker my sportcompact has is the NOS sticker on the back, no I dont have NOS:rolleyes: I just wanted the 50hp worth of stickers ina .5"x1" sticker LOL
So he thingks hes going to walk me.
Down shift comes, I floor it while still in 2nd, get the jump fart can starts to sound the cry of battle and the race is on.
At about 60 I had a hood length, at 70 a little more at 80 I had his hood at my rear quarter and at 90 I had a large enough lead to flash my brake lights at him.
He was pissed as most ricers are and I turned off at the next Off ramp to head back to my aprtment.
Moral of the story. He would have beat me of it wasn't for all thae added stereo, wing, interior mods, and stickers he had put on the car.
I laughed all the way home because I beat a Ricers race car with my good gas milage daily driver.
MOds on my car arel ported head and decked, 2* of timing added to the intake cam, short shifter, home made cold air with K&N, Dynomax mufler with normal dual tip, no farting for me I cant stnad that sound.
Its capable of a best run of 15.5 in the 1/4
Light cars with a little power can be fun, I guess.
The previous owner did all the work except the cold air intake.
Kyle -

Good kill ;)

I'm new to the forum, but just wanted to say hi and I saw your build # of your TTA. It is only 2 off mine!!! Maybe next time the rice burner kill will be in the TTA... Probably will be a little more than a 1 car length victory too!! :D
Yea it would be a lot worse with the TTA, but it was so funny that I got him in my daily driver.
I honestly dont think I would have wasted my time if I would have been in the TTA, na I would have really shoed him whats up.:D
I let my girlfried race the rice around here. She's got a stock 99 Escourt ZX2. Beats them every time. The Sunoco supreme is just to expensive to waste w/ the TTA dusting rice of the road.

Only rice worth racing has 2 wheels.