Got me another one

Rick the pool guy

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Feb 7, 2017
So I'm out looking for a victim and found a couple of ricers I dispatched them with ease .
So I'm out looking for a real challenge and low and behold I found what I was looking for a group of motorcycles a couple of harleys and a zx10r so they're about 150 yrds away from me and it happened the light turned red it was like Christmas in June the guy on the zx goes watch this he looks over my TR like its his next victim so he flips down his visor as I'm footbraking at 3 psi with my 295/55/15 already warmed up from the the earlier events light turns green and I'm gone I mean full tilt
(Side note the EDASH reads triple digits) I got half way across the bridge and I let off he pulls up next to me and gives me the thumbs up it was awesome cant wait to hook up the gopros and give you guys some entertainment
Good job! All fish kills are good fish kills! I have not been able to find any fish this summer. Even stopped next to a woman driving a new T, asked her if she wanted to run it and she turned me down:(