Gouging in converter


New Member
May 25, 2001
I finally got my tranny out of my car today and looked at the converter. I noticed that the input shaft seemed to be slightly gouging the forward part of the converter (inside the shaft hole). The splines of the tranny and the converter looked great. Is this normal? This is a tranny and converter from the FAKE Art Carr. Also, the inner input shaft of the tranny seems to have about 1/8" of in and out play. I don't seem to remember this when I put the tranny in, but didn't look for it them either. I do have a new tranny and converter coming from Bruce (which I must say that working with Bruce is worth EVERY SINGLE cent I paid for his merchandise, and I can NOT wait to get his tranny in the car). I think the boat that is shipping my tranny out here to Hawaii needs a turbo on it to get my tranny here SOONER. :) But I was just wondering if this slight gouging is normal? Has anyone else seen this? I did have some wiped main bearings in the motor before that has been corrected. I'm sure that could have caused it if the thrust bearing went bad. But I really don't think the thrust bearing went THAT bad then.