Great AGM Battery For Decent $

rick j.

So awhile back I was asking about fitting the best Odyssey/diehard platinum AGM batteries in our Buicks:

Apparently they're the same battery, but the 34/78 Odyssey is now $260 and the diehard platinum is around $225. Pretty steep.
Turns out that diehard wanted a great AGM at a cheaper price, so they came out with the advanced gold AGM. This battery costs around $160, and the part number 50778 that fits our cars was voted the best battery by consumer reports testing.
I just installed one and it has amazing power! A great option for your next battery.
there are only a couple of factories in the US that make all the car batteries- so regardless of the sticker on it, it's actually probably either made by the company that makes Exide or the company that makes Interstate.. there is a similar looking battery at a similar price sold at a wonderful utopia here in MN called Mills Fleet Farm under the "Roadrunner" brand..