Great Couple of Days


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Oct 10, 2014
Yesterday I attended a "Blessing of the Cars" event. It's associated with the 28th Street Metro Cruise. Well, my name was drawn and I(and my T) won a trophy! Granted, it had nothing to do with judging the car but it's still my first and it's cool! Then today while driving 28th Street, a guy in a 80's Camaro pulled up next to me at a light. After the usual " nice car man" the light turned green and the Camaro squeaked the tires and took off. He was a block ahead of me by time I decided he needed to be humbled. So, I fed my T a few pounds of boost. I don't know what happened to him but I flew by that Camaro like he was in reverse. When I got to the next light, he was nowhere in sight. He might have turned off and was slowing down when I passed but, it's my story so I'm calling it a KILL!
Cool. :cool:

Next time, as soon as you hear his tires start to squeal, stand on it and put him in his place. That should be done just after the crosswalk on the other side of the intersection..........