Great to make new friends.

Steve V

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Jan 5, 2004
Got to meet Bmason and peterkin yesterday. Great guys it was fun talking buicks!

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Great meeting you also. I'm terrible with names, so I can't remember the other gentleman that was there from Fayetteville. It was good meeting him also. You can bet that I'll take you up on your offer to bring a 200 down for a rebuild. The car is safe in her new home as I put together my list of general nitpick stuff to do, as well as figure out when I can move my FAST over to this car. I have a long list of things to do, but I think it's prioritizing that's the key.

Generally, it's feels good to have the bug again and play with these Buicks. My wife has now claimed the GN, and we have a guy coming buy tomorrow to look at the car and give us a quote on replacing the floorpan. I guess she's serious.
His name is John..aka Meg's dad on here. :)

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It was great meeting you guys and talking Buicks for a couple of hours. As Godfrey mentioned, I'm sure there will be trips made in your direction in the near future...Godfrey's on a mission.

John => let me know how that 'turning it down' thing goes for you.