Grey dash bezels


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Was the 82 gn the only b4b car to receive the charcoal grey gauge, radio and dash bezel? The wood grain in my car is getting me down. I have some vinyl wrap I have left over from de wooding my Denali truck(I hated the plastic wood in it too) that I did a quick test on the gauge bezel and it's a little dark compared to the 84-87 grey console applique I installed. If I do wrap it I would have to paint the bevel areas and I don't want to ruin the factory piece if I don't have too. What are the chances of finding a factory grey set?
I forgot all about you making that custom tachometer in the cluster. That looks nice! I'd like to do something like that in place of the clock in my 67 impala. I think it would be as simple as making a new overlay for an autogauge tach
Thanks. I'm sure with the right editing software it would be quick but I used Microsoft paint and it tool forever to isolate the digits from the clock.

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Next on the docket is a digital voltmeter that will go in a "spare" dummy light pocket and mount my alky control in the bezel in the open space below the defrost. I'm hoping I can order a set of filters from kirbans and cut and glue the alky and low alky in a couple light slots that aren't required but I think they are different sizes.

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There must have been another car besides the '82 GN to use grey bezels. I found a grey bezel once at a swap meet that only had three pods, so it wasn't for a '82 GN. I think it was for a Century. (Century and Regals share the same dash)
I seen this searching around. I don't think they made all to many of the somerset cars either......thank god.