Group C views 1,2 Parts for Sale


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Group C views 1,2 Parts for sale, all prices not including shipping. Can discuss bringing to GS Nats soon. Full payment needed, PP to friends or add fee
Accuracy on part description is suspect, do your own research Questions are welcomed

2 internal window guides 20.00ea
Cruise control complete under hood fender brkt 40.00
Metal bracket accelerator pedal 10.00
Metal bracket next to window guides under dash? 10.00
Adjustable manual seat brackets unknown 40.00
E brake pedal assembly 40.00
Stock drive shaft brace 10.00
2 black metal braces front fender, core support area 30.00set
Alternator mount early not turbo car 40.00
Brake booster firewall mount 30.00
Stock turbo up pipe 30.00
Factory jack 40.00
Metal plate under dash steering column 10.00
Stock heat shield above fuel lines at tank 10.00
Black metal bracket under heat shield ?
Body panel white standing up 10.00
2 metal radio pod mounting frames in dash one is cut 10.00ea
Metal support arm, standing up, for dash mounting 10.00
metal engine valley heat shields pre VIN 7 5.00ea

C group view 1.jpg
Group C view 2.jpg
You do see I cannot confirm there application. If so give me a shipping zip to find out shipping.