Group F 2 views and G one view Parts for Sale


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Large parts for sale, all prices not including shipping. Can discuss bringing large item to GS Nats soon. PP friends or add fee.

Front and rear aluminum bumper braces. Both good shape $150 front or rear
Transmission mount G body using a TH350 P/N 473724SS $50
Transmission mount G Body using 2004R P/N 140638873B $50
Y pipe from turbo regal removed maybe 25 years ago? $75
Laptop stand for G body bucket seat mount $40
21 bolt oil pan non turbo, no baffle $50
2 passenger exhaust manifolds 1987 has heat shield, repairs made, one cut at flanges $75 ea
Fender well pass side usual wear and small obvious crack $75
Tail light housings Two left sides $40ea
Intake and exhaust valves, new, stage2 , 6intake 6 exhausts The F numbers are stamped on the valves $200 set
Turbo exhaust pipes with flex joints earlier Buick turbo $20 ea
fender well pass view one.jpg
Fender well pass view two.jpg

turbo flex pipes.jpg

Group G one view.jpg
Group F view one.jpg
Group F view 2.jpg
Tail lamp housing L rear view.jpg
Tail lamp housings Left front view.jpg
Stage2 valves intake and ex B.jpg
Stage2 valves intake&ex loose.jpg