GS Nationals TTS Results


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May 25, 2001
The TTS class is off and running after our first race at the GS Nationals this September. After a rainy Wednesday and Thursday morning, we finally got some test and tune passes in Thursday afternoon and qualifying passes Friday and Saturday morning.

Qualifying results are as follows:
1. Missy Thompson ~Brandenburg KY~1986 GN~Car 2407~weight 3590~10.650 @ 124.26
2. David Barclay~Greenville IN~1987 GN~Car 7009~weight 3575~10.885 @ 123.73
3. Greg Sims~Jasper AL~1987 GN~Car 7065~weight 3700~11.096 @ 121.64
*Greg developed engine noise and decided to play it safe and diagnose at a later date.
4. Steve Branger~South Milwaukee WI~1987 Black Turbo T~Car 0130~weight 3710~13.179 @ 90.92
*Steve also developed engine noise and did not make it to eliminations.
5. Dave Bandy~Bardstown KY~1987 silver Turbo T~weight 3750
*Dave had brake problems and did not complete a qualifying pass.

Final eliminations paired Missy Thompson and David Barclay:
David~reaction .300~10.929 @ 123.09
Missy~reaction .450~10.843 @ 125.99
David got Missy off the line and she just could not run him down, giving David the win by .0643

Congratulations to our first TTS winner, David Barclay!

Bill Thompson
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If the WINNER and RUNNER-UP can E-Mail me their mailing info, I can send out the gift certificates that we posted/offered for the class. Things got put together kinda late & I didn't have them at the Nat's to hand out. Hoping to do the same or more for support next year!
Thank you Paul, your generosity to the turbo Buick community is most appreciated. Thanks again for making excellent products to enhance our cars.

A few photos from BG

Dave Barclay and Missy Thompson.

Greg Sims and family


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