TSA Results 2015


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A big thank you to the TSA sponsors, Kirban Performance Products, Extreme Automatics and Boost Crew for their generous contributions. It has allowed the TSA class to continue on.

TSA had 4 cars in the class this year:

Dale Collins White 87 Turbo T
Steve Branger Black 87 Turbo T
Dave Roland White 87 Turbo T
Missy Thompson Black 86 Grand National

Friday qualifications showed the following times:

First Round:

Dale Collins 11.703 @ 115.77 with a weight of 3640
Missy Thompson 11.063 @ 118.50 with a weight of 3600

Second Round:

Dale Collins 11.816 @ 115.66 with a weight of 3630
Steve Branger 12.092 @ 113.54 with a weight of 3710
Dave Roland 12.218 @ 116.04 with a weight of 3725
Missy Thompson 11.047 @ 119.14 with a weight of 3600

Saturday only allowed one round of qualifications:

Dale Collins broke with a popcorned rearend.
Steve Branger 11.708 @ 118.96 with a weight of 3710
Missy Thompson 11.262 @ 119.97 with a weight of 3550

Missy held on to the top qualifying position with her 11.047 run.

Round 1 eliminations paired Dave Roland and Missy Thompson:

Dave Roland========================Missy Thompson
11.825===============1/4 et==============11.078

Missy took the win by 1.1153.
Steve had a bye run due to Dale's break with 11.406 @ 114.49.

Final race came down to Steve Branger and Missy Thompson:

Steve Branger==========================Missy Thompson
11.581===============1/4 et============11.161

A margin of .9297 put Missy Thompson at the finish line as the TSA winner.

TSA payouts were as follows:

First place: $150.00 cash and $150.00 Kirban's parts credit
Second place: $75.00 cash and $75.00 Kirban's parts credit
Top qualifier: $50.00 cash from Boost Crew This was awarded to Dale Collins as well as a t-shirt from Boost Crew due to Missy not being eligible for failure to display Boost Crew sticker.

Again, many thanks to the sponsors and participants. I hope to see everyone back plus some next year!