TSA winners and participants 2008-present


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I just wanted to show a little history of winners and participants, through the beginning of TSA in 2008 to now. How the cars and drivers progressed as well as et's and speeds.
Richard Clarks rules went from 2008 till 2012 with his teching of the cars. 2014 thru present rules were changed and peer tech began.

The first TSA race was 2008
Clay Arnold, running his 86 t-type ran 11.996 @ 112.24 mph winning first place. Best run was 11.75

Was rained out for racing, these are who came to the gs nationals prepared to race Tsa
Clay Arnold
Red Armstrong, won gold in concours car show
Rob Irle, (t-type or turbo T)
Gary Kokotis (turbo t, methanol test car) won silver in concours car show
Bill Thompson, won gold in concours show

Clay Arnold ( blue 86 t-type) took first again, 11.67 @ 116.03
Red Armstrong ( grey 87 limited) in second with 11.62 @ 121.65 Won Gold in concours show
Bill Thompson (86 GN) took third with a 12.07 Won Gold in concours show
John Tubbs ( black 87 turbo T) was disqualified
John Norton (87 GNX) powermaster problems, won a first place in stock 0-3 mod GNX class

2011 Colonel Helsing took over tech, 3 page check list
Clay Arnold again took first place, 11.48 @ 115.97
John Tubbs came in second place, 11.40 @ 119.52
Red Armstrong took third 11.95 won gold in concours car show
Bill Thompson came in fourth 11.51 won gold in concours car show
Steve Klug (87 GN) ran 11.95 won silver in concours car show

Red Armstrong won first place, 11.07 @ 121.91 his best qualifying run was 10.96 @ 122.48
Bill Thompson took second place, 11.09 @ 119.23 top qualifying run of 10.91 @ 123.70 won gold in concours car show
John Tubbs came in third place, 10.98 @ 120.87
Kip Asplund (87 GN) took fourth place, 11.83 @ 114.70 won silver in concours car show
Clay Arnold broke axle

Tsa was not ran.
Bill Thompson, won gold in concours car show, competed in THS

2014 Tsa started new rules and peer tech, RRA Bill Thompson
John Tubbs took first place, 11.14 @ 119.35 number 1 qualifier 11.34 @ 119.16
Dale Collins (white 87 turbo T) came in second place, 12.05 @ 115.27
Kip Asplund took third place, 11.80 @ 113.70
Missy Thompson (86 GN) lost oil pressure (broke)

Missy Thompson took first place, 11.16 @ 118.61 fastest qualifier 11.04 @ 119.14
Steve Branger came in second, 11.58 @ 118.65 (purchased John Tubbs car, black 87 turbo T)
Dave Roland (white 87 turbo T) came in third, 11.82 @ 115.55
Dale Collins broke (rear pinion)

I want to thank all sponsors thru the years,
2008 zddp and Kirban performance
2010 zddp
2011 zddp
2012 zddp
2014 Turbo tweak, Kirban Performance, Extreme Automatics, G-body parts
2015 Kirban Performance, Extreme Automatics, Boost Crew

If any body wants to add or correct info please let me know.

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2009 Rob Irle was an 1987 Turbo T (99 percent sure)
2012 worth noting Bill was the first to run a 10 and John Tubbs was the first and only car to ever run a 10 during actual racing.