GS NATS Auto-X 2015 ... questions on the rules?

Over on another forum it was mentioned that a few didn't show up or participate because of the stricter style rules and required personal protection gear we had listed , to only get there and find out some of the requirements were adjusted , or to them "thrown out" . This is a response I posted .. >>>>>>>>>>>>

As with any new program introduced to any new venue , there will be growing pains , learning curves and yes adjustments.

Last years Auto-X wasn't excluded from that style of growing pains and on the fly adjustment or options. But the rules were not thrown out.

At that point in time , based on the weather , the rain , a tighter course, the low number of participants , and the expected lower speed, the use of the helmet was left to the drivers own discretion, and wasn't going to be penalized for not wearing one.

The rules were pretty much verbatim straight from a SCCA rule books , we were under the impression most participants would already had have that required level of Snell helmet , and personal protection gear, that they suggested.

Now with the Auto-X coming this year , more adjustments and learning curves will be handed to us , so expect those odd changes or adjustments.

But what is suggested is to have on hand a good quality helmet ( it's your noggin so keep it in mind what is a good quality) , if it is required you will have it , maybe the same one used in drag racing , open face would be ok , no half shell biker helmets, no bicycle helmets. There wont be a "Helmet Police" but if it looks unsafe for the venue you will be asked to switch it out, so again use your common sense.

Also suggesting if you have any extra helmets, to bring those too, for the unfortunate drivers that didn't bring theirs , they could borrow yours , and since we had numerous ride alongs last year , ( and again if it is required) your passenger could wear it to enjoy a safe ride also.

We hoping this program will grow and yes at that point in time maybe those SCCA style rules will be enforced , hopefully grow to the point where can take are our Buicks to the new Corvette Museum Race Track across the hiway from the Corvette museum , and stretch their legs , then it's going to be a whole new set of rules , their rules, that will be strictly enforced.
Condition of the car, safety gear needed for the car , tires , wheels , classes ( from novices to the experienced) , and yes Personal Safety Gear.

As of now show up with your ride , a good helmet , and treadwear ratings of no less than 200 on your tires and have some fun, this is what it's all about is having fun , hope to see you all there.

Please if you have any questions, ask away... we will do our best to answer them
If I may, there is a reason the SCCA requires a Snell SA-rated helmet, even for stock cars. In a street car like ours, with the mushy seats and stock seatbelts, it is entirely possibly for somebody to smack their head on the window glass and knock themselves out. Becoming suddenly unconscious while driving in a confined space ringed with concrete is a bad thing. This leads to the other reason for requiring SA rated helmets instead of just regular DOT motorcycle helmets: SA-rated helmets are fire resistant. If you crash and there's a fire, keeping your face and eyes from being burned while you escape is a good thing.