GTA tire size question?


Nice Monte...
Aug 18, 2001
What size do you guy's use on your GTA rims...I want to go with 245/50/16 all the way around...will this work w/o spacers...If spacers are required, what sizes do I need?

Note: I have 2 GTA fronts and 2 GTA rears. I am going to put the fronts on the rear of my GN, and the rears on the front of my GN.
I was told that longer studs, w/ 1/2 inch spacers are needed to adapt the rear GTA rims to the front of my GN. Is this correct?

Thanks, John
Did the same thing your talking about. Yes, you have to put the rears on the frt & the frts on the rear. I installed a 3/8" spacer on the frt, and it did rub on a tight turn both directions. So I checked with a good friend/ partsman & didn't have any luck with a Wagner Parts book & metic Studs. Have considered changing the studs to the larger 1/2" or whatever. But if I did the frt, I'd do all four corners and then would need different lug nuts and wrench. I've been thinking about upgrading the frt brakes with fancy upper arms and different spindle, but haven't found any one that has the GTA wheels and and the junkyard brake swamp. The 245/50 will clear all wheel opening, and man what stance it gives the car!:rolleyes: :cool: I just try and not turn the car in a real tight turn, but at 70 mph down I-40 who cares!