Guage selection


Apr 5, 2015
I am sure this question has been asked before but without breaking the bank I am curious. If you had to pick only two aftermarket gauges you could put in your vehicle, what would they be as far as brand, type (mechanical or electric) and why?
I would say Boost and oil pressure. As for brand, everyone has their favorite. I've used both electronic and mechanical, pro's and cons to both.
Cant really stop at 2...would be fuel press. oil press, boost.
Autometer or vdo would be my first choice.
Why can't I get anyone to install my two mechanical Summit brand gauges (oil pressure and water temp)? Is there that much of an issue that warrants electrical gauges only?

Are Autometer Z series gauges any good?
All Autometer gauges are good. Pick the style you like.

Do not put fluid based mechanical gauges inside your car. Boost is fine but you don't want coolant, gas or oil in there with you. If a line breaks it will be messy and dangerous. I used braided lines on my hood gauges since if a line breaks outside it will be pouring stuff everywhere also.
I'm not a fan of running any kinda of liquids into the cab of the car . If I had to pick to gauges they would be oil and a wide band .
Boost and fuel pressure, if I was limited to 2. I want to see the 1 to 1 rise in boost and fp. As a side note, I'm putting a 7 gauge dash in the car and I hoped I would be eliminating the 5 other gauge I have. No such luck! I want (need) all the info I can get so I don't hurt anything. A hud unit would be cool!