Guess what was under the car cover???


Lone Wolf
so my wife and I are going to be starting a biz in an 18000 square foot building next month. I was over there yesterday snooping around and there are two other buildings connected in a row by HUGE sliding doors, which just so happened to be open :-)

I went into the building adjacent to ours and there were 5 cars, two under covers, all backed up against the wall in the gloom.

Flashlight in hand I did some snooping.

1 - Red 89(ish) GTA Trans-Am convertible
2 - unknown Mercedes Sedan
3 - Car cover - some squat (huge tire) car. Didn't look under the cover but the grill had the Mercedes emblem. I could feel it through the cover
4 - unknown Mercedes Sedan
5 - Car cover - long, low sedan with big tires. Slightly raised spoiler on the back and some kind of hood bump right in the middle of the hood.....

Hmmmmm..... further "non-car-cover lifting" examination showed front bumper has two air dams under it funneling air into an intercooler, dual exhaust exiting the rear sides of the car, black paint.

Ok...I snooped then. 1986 Grand national with for sale sign in passenger window. 35,000 miles, interior was bone stock, not a single gauge or anything. $18,000.00

I was pleased :-)

The building owner showed up a little later so I asked who the owner was. Seems it was sold the night prior and he doesn't know the owner.

He said it was a black guy and his son. Anyone from this board perhaps???
The car is located in Dexter Michigan.

ps - if it is anyone from here who bought it......the above statement is for entertainment purposes only....I didn't snoop under the car cover ;-)

ok.....I did.....but you would have too!!!
After the owner arrived and turned on all the overhead lights in the main room...I noticed quite a few tire tracks on the concrete floor :-)

Looks like someone had some fun before parking them. I had the same idea myself. Before we lay the rubber flooring down I think some indoor doughnuts would be cool.