gun shy


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people: I'm snot as GS as I was. I bought a HB complete from a guy in Florida that I think kinda started the kit selling thing. His kit came with a custom line that failed at the crimped conn. to the fitting. I got it fixed and it let go again. Fitting pulled out of the hose. I went w/stock lines. There the way to go . Now I'm feeling confident that it won't fail again.
I'm liking the HB more and more.
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I usually S.D. before the C. or S.S. even with Baer upgrades. Don't want no A. around town. Lots of bad drivers around here though.... ;)o_O
Rusty lines leave you G.S. too. :(
Can we stop talking in abbreiations?

"Dumb" of us don't understand GEN Z "speak".

Thanks. :)