H.b. Kenne-bill!!

Happy Birthday Mick

Hope you have a GOOD:D one!!! So I guess the party is all weekend eh?;) :D
BTW, found out that it is Kathy Ireland's birthday also, very fond of those eyebrows - see for yourself.:cool:
Mick you old fart! You're so over the hill, I bet you grad in '84 or some Devo age:p You should have kept that GTO with the gear drive:D
Happy Birthday!
Whats wrong with the class of '84?

We are (He is) not that old, but just remember, old age and treachery shall overcome youth and skill, always.
I remember those Blu Lagoon days!!!!! Oh my..... it's been along time, and those were good times. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mick!!!!

Which bar are we going to???