Happy Birthday Ralph


Fiberglass bumper filler dude. (949) 433-1257
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Apr 4, 2002
Happy Birthday Raffa. Thanks for all you do for this South Western Section Turbo Buick family.
Hope it's a great day Sir.

Mike Barnard
Happy Birthday Sir.... I don't believe I know Ralph. But just reading post over the years it seems that he always volunteering his services to the Buick community out west, and that is most appreciated, as we all are getting much older. Is he the Taco Man? . My bucket list does include Bates Farm visit, and now maybe a Taco.
Feliz Ano Nuevo! Oh wait... that's Happy New Year. Damn, I don't know how to say Happy Birthday in espanol. :rolleyes: Best wishes on you B-Day my friend!

Hello Buick friends thanks for the bday wishes! Appreciate that hope to see you guys at Kentucky or bates Maybe a pizza crusie! Thanx again