Happy Birthday Toady

Happy belated B-day Rhett!

I just came back from Portland. On Wednesday.(rain day) The rain you guys got up there is cooold.:eek: Your TType must run good with the cool night air.:cool: Hope to meet you when you get back home.
You guys rock! (Lava rock, of course)

John, Geoff, Guy - thanks a bunch! Even though I had to leave home to make something of myself :D, I'm still HA-waiian at heart. And I don't mean just because my favorite birthday gift is a "lei." ;) Gotta tell ya, with all that's going on in the world, I feel very fortunate to have made it to another birthday.

Guy, I must be getting acclimated. This week did not feel that cold to me. Oh no! Toady loves the cold air - runs like a scalded dog when the temp drops. Unfortunately, more power + wet roads = no fun. LOL.

Gotta go. Need my beauty sleep, ya know...