Happy with new knock sensor gauge.

Matt McClung

Hotair guy who owns a I/C
Sep 18, 2001
I just put in the new engine. All new bottom end, stroker kit, bored .040, forged Pistons, etc. also have precision 6462 turbo, alky kit, ls1 maf with translated, extender chip, remote oil filter with line going to turbo, 3300 rpm stall converter with lockup, 200 r4 with good internals. I have to say, this thing is fun, rolling at 25 mph and wot, can't keep the tires under it. I was a little concerned as the scanmaster 2.1 would intermittently show 35 sometimes 40 degrees of kr during a wot event! Well it still felt good, did not feel like pcm was pulling timing. Other times, the kr was zero during wot. Well I went ahead and installed a two gauge A pillar cover and put in a caspers knock gauge. I just went out and tried it and even when scanmaster would show 40 degrees kr, the caspers gauge would stay flat. Just to make sure the gauge works, I turned down the alky spray during wot, and the lights on the gauge would go up, when the spray went up, the gauge lights went down so I'd say it works pretty well. I must have some electrical interference on the data line at wot, but the kr seems to be the only thing that whacks out on the scanmaster. O2's are at low 800's during wot. Block learn is 122-128 range.
Sweet set up... As far as your problem, Heh. I've been chasing that same problem 3.3 - 6.3 knock during WOT as it sinks into the higher RPM. Turning up the fuel pressure to 48 line off was the fix; knock went away. Can't figure out the reason behind the knock.

Now I'm chasing a non firing cylinder 4. #BuickProblems

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