Happy World Hangover Day!!!


eggs are liquid chicken
Jan 7, 2004
I hope everyone made it home safe, used protection, locked up the TR's and TTA's and tossed the keys somewhere hard to find.

Brett, hope you made it home safe and sound.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids and take ADVIL, stay away from dairy, get plenty of toilet paper for around 3pm, plan on a greasy lunch and a light dinner.

Around 7:30pm....get dressed and go do it all over again. I had coolaid for my poison of choice....antibiotics tamed my new year.

Shiny side up!
In the mean time I suggest you go over to T6P and look up some good recipes to make for lunch and dinner in the T6P cook book in the "sand Box"
No hangover here...decided this year to stay home and stay sober for once. :biggrin: Instead spent time with family and installed my powerlogger. :cool: