Hardtop value??


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Dec 24, 2005
Just thought I would stick my head in your TTA section guys and say HI.:)

I have a question for you. I have a good customer who deals with me locally and he has an 1989 TTA "hardtop" edition. I keep hearing about a limited number of these were made compared to ttops...is this true? He is about 85 years old(no lie) and the car was bought by him in 1989. The speedo has maybe 7-8K on it it. The car is MINT. How much is it worth. I keep joking with him about buying it from him when he wants to sell it...maybe I cant afford it if its rare.:eek:

Curious minds want to know....
I saw a report about a car like that on this site 2 or 3 years ago which was in the $25-30k range at that time....Davage would know the current value.

Might still be that range, but I'd expect it in the $30-35k range now, maybe more. Would be dictated somewhat by location, presence or absence of owner's kit and how many collector pieces of documentation and accessories he kept and collected, and the whim of the market. :)
I have a good customer who deals with me locally and he has an 1989 TTA "hardtop" edition. I keep hearing about a limited number of these were made compared to ttops...is this true? He is about 85 years old(no lie) and the car was bought by him in 1989. The speedo has maybe 7-8K on it it. The car is MINT. How much is it worth. I keep joking with him about buying it from him when he wants to sell it...maybe I cant afford it if its rare.:eek:

There were 39 hardtops built, 15 with cloth and 24 with leather. I think the difference between the two is probrobly only a few thousand if that. IMHO I'd expect a car with that mileage in mint condition to bring at least $35K to the right buyer, but then I may just be hopefull :)

There was one on Ebay awhile back that got up to $32K, reserve not met. I don't remember the mileage but it was very clean.
It is cloth seats because I sat in it a while back. It is 100% bone stock. I guess I cant afford it.:redface:

All I know is I would like to take it out on the interstate and blow some of that carbon out.:eek: :D
Who wouldn't? Treat your friend with the utmost respect; he was smart enough to buy his car back when they were just toys, not the real machine they have since been recognized as! God bless him!
I would say between 35-40K for a Cloth/Hardtop in that mile range. Assuming the car is almost perfect and the original spoiler is not cracked. More and more people are specifically looking for a low mileage Hardtop car these days.

- Dave
I have gotten a few PM's from interested buyers. Let me just say that this man has 3 sons and two of them are hotrodders themselves so you do the math.:eek:

There is no way TTA is leaving that family anytime soon. He also owns a 1971 Pontiac Firebird 400cid ragtop car. Original owner with about 30K. Super clean car also...and yeah that car probably isnt going any where either.:frown:
Looking to sell my Hardtop/Leather TTA


I am a new user to these forums and unfortunely I am looking to sell my Hardtop/Leather TTA to a good home.

A little history if you will:

In 1988 I knew Pontiac would have to come out with a anniversary model just like the 1984 and 1979 models, so I waited with bated breath to see what it would be.

I was heartbroken to learn that the price of this model was well over $30K sticker, not to mention the tack-on prices the dealer in my area was tacking onto the sticker to bring the car to almost $39K! I just could not afford that so I bought one the last remaining 1988 GTA's they had in stock. A red one. Kept it for over 5 years.

Started searching for a TTA about 4 years after that to see if I could pick one up. I really really really wanted one and was in a good financial situation to get one. Well, after a year of looking, I found one in Hemmings. It was a hardtop car, and I was even more focused on getting it as I had over the years learned the production of the hardtops was less then 2% of the entire production run so it would be a rare of the rare so to speak.

The owner was the original owner, and actually took me about six months to finally convince him to sell it. He had put it in Hemmings and was looking to get a Typhoon. But he really like the car and had a change of heart on selling it. Well, after calling every week for like 5 months he finally told me he was going to sell it. I hopped on a plane and flew down to Houston to take a look at it and hand over a certified check. The car was everything I dreamed of and more and so ownership changed hands and I had the car enclosed transported to my home.

The car had just under 4K miles on it when I got it to my house. It now has over 14K miles on it and honestly I have not driven it in about 4 or 5 years. It has sat in my garage for that time and I just kept it there knowing someday I would get around to falling in love with it all over again.

Well, I recently lost my job of 19 years with the same company. When you are making good money you really don't mind keeping stuff you never really use around because it really does not cost you much if anything to do so.

Well, after I lost the job, I paid off a few big things I owed on and started looking into some of these things that I just have not used for what seemed like forever.

This 20th TTA is one of those things. As much as I wanted to have it back in the late '80s and '90s, I have just fallen out of the mindset I was in at that time. The car is super fast and a blast to drive to be sure, and I had many a fun time racing up and down the Blvd. beating just about any kid that wanted to challenge me ( you know these look like GTA's of the time period and lots of Mustang 5.0 drivers could take the GTA's easy - well... not THIS GTA lookalike! ) and afterwards were like "what you got in that thing?!" Well, those crusing days are really history for me and I dont really get into the car show thing anymore, so instead of letting this poor car sit and rot away in my garage, I think it is time to let someone else who can appreciate a car of its rarety take it under their wing and give it the love and attention it deserves.

So I am seriously looking to sell it. I was looking around to see what a car like this is worth these days and funny I stumble upon this topic. Fate? Who knows. But I can see that there are some great fans of these cars / motors here.

I am actually looking at getting into a Bonneville GXP or a late model SSEi. I have a 1990 Bonneville SSE and really like this class of car. So that is what I am interested in using some of the value of this 20th TTA for. Its time to get rid of all the stuff I hung onto all these years as it is becoming clear that I will more than likely never use this stuff and its time to pass it onto folks that can and will use it.

I know there will be alot of questions about the car from folks who are interested in it. I know the spoiler is indeed cracked at the mounting points and it pissed me off but what can you do? It was a factory defect that took time to show up. I am the second owner and I need to get the car out of the garage and wash/wax it and let her run around the roads a bit and take some pictures.

So, I will post more info as I get it and feel free to PM me with questions and such and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

I don't want to post up a price here in this thread as I am not really sure it is the proper place for that. I just wanted to reply and let it be known that I am interested in letting my baby go and this is one community that I think can and does apprecate a car like this.

Xenawise do you know your build number? Good luck with the sale, should bring good money.

I suppose the hardtop cars will take more torque and can forgo the need for subframe connectors, But I like the ttops for cruising. When I got mine (dad was a dealer back in 1990) I could of chose between 1 of 5. There were 2 hard tops, both with cloth. If I new what I know now I would of got the Hardtop cloth, but I was young and didn't know the rarity and also liked t-tops. They are kinda fun on nice days. I'll be removing mine this weekend!:cool:
Thanks for the interest!

Hello again,

I have replied to all the PM's. I can see I really need to get her out of the garage and take some pics. I am a Pontiac lover to this day and I have a '92 GP and my '90 Bonne SSE that needs a new radiator sitting in the driveway behind the 20th TTA. I will try and get them moved ( the GP has alternator problems and it has the 3.4L DOHC motor and the alternator is located in the bottom rear of the motor and I had a high current alternator that I put in but it does not really work properly so I will just have to buy a factory alternator and take the high current one out and put the factory one back in its place, but its a hugh PITA to get to it so guess I will just jump her and get her moving so I can get the 20th out ) and get the 20th out this week or weekend so I can take some pics of her for all you interested folks. Stay tuned. And thanks for all the kind words!

I know I have some NOS parts for this car as well that I purchased over the years. Some emblems and at least one tail pipe extension come to mind. I also know that I have a slightly used set of the 20th TTA spark plug wires I picked up on ebay years ago as well even though she still has the originals in her. Heck, come to think about it, I know the front tires are the factory original "gatorback" ZR50 Goodyears. I wonder how they handled sitting around in the garage for all that time.

OK, time for a little update.

First off thanks for the interest in the car. When I made the initial post a week ago I was not even prepared to sell the car so all the interest has made it a bit of a priority lately.

I know a few of the folks are very ready to get this done and over with so I am planning to kick things in high gear starting Monday.

From a few different sources I will just that I will take no less than 30K for the car. She is not perfect, but she is far from a beater or even a daily driver. So, 30K is a firm amount. Folks I have talked to over the phone already know this, I am posting it here so that everybody knows and to also go inline with what a hardtop is worth these days from the OP.

I want to wrap up talking to folks in person about the car by this weekend. Getting this kind of money takes time for most folks, and I am not in a super rush to sell her but I would like to get it overwith by the end of this / beginning of next the month.

I just wanted to let everyone know as well that I will choose the new owner of this car. While I do need the proceeds of this sale to help me along not only in my job search but just to live day to day, the more money she brings the longer / easier time I will have trying to search for something I can really enjoy. Loosing a job you worked at for almost 20 years is a bit of a shock and its taking me a little while to sort it all out.

So, anyone that is still interested in the car please send me a PM and lets get in touch. I am cutting off accepting new folks into the fray Sunday, so all that have talked to me or PMed me by then will be able to get a shot at owning the car.

Once Monday comes, I will look over the offers I have and let everyone know where the offer stands. I want to give everyone the chance to meet or beat the offer. Just trying to be as fair as I can. But I think whomever gives the best offer will get to take the car home. I don't want any personal feelings to get involved with this and I honestly have some personal feelings about this whole thing at this point.

Also, if anyone has suggestions on how to handle this better please let me know. I am trying to be as fair and as open to everyone that has to means to purchase this car. But, there is only one car so there can be only one new owner.

Thanks again for all the interest!


Oooh, a 3.4 Grand Prix GTP? I wanted one of those in a bad way when I was younger... Take pictures of that too, can you? That would've been a hot motor to shove onto a RWD car where a proper transmission could handle all the output that thing could make!