has any of you been asked this questiion?




LOL..sorry guys...kinda under the influence here. We went to my friends strip bar...E-nights. (what's with this strip bar rampage? 3 strip bars in the last month) My gym friends and I were just cruising lusting after view after view after view. then out of the blue...this oriental girl comes and sits next to me, drunk as punk...fully unaware about what going to happen. she grabs my crotch and says..."BUY ME DRINKY?" For the life of me...I just started bust laughing at her. I mean..just the way she said it...not to mention...this was the first time I've ever had this question pertaining to me. I was like hell no drunky...go ask my friends. lol...then she went to sit over on the other side of the bar table and she progressed and did the same thing to my friends. LOL more I even laughed. I wasnt laughing at her...I was laughing at what was going on. fricken hilarious night.
used and abused? thats like buying an old mazda! yuch! I hope it doesnt taste like spoiled fish!