Has anybody started at paypal or gofundme for Charlie yet?


runs with scissors
May 26, 2001
I'm thinking about listing a bunch of stuff on the board and donating a chunk of it to Charlie and his sister.

Even though the hospital bills have stopped, I'm sure there's going to be bills piling up the next month or so from final expenses. I can't imagine my idea would add up to a whole lot, but sometimes every little bit helps.

RIP Charlie.
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Great idea Earl. Maybe someone that is close to her can ask her what she would like. He will be missed!
I think I have a pretty good idea swirling around in my head (next to all the smut :) ) that will work well. It'll be a lot more interactive for all the members.

It'll allow others to get in on helping out Charlie too. I'll call a Paypal CSR if they're open today and post more later tonight. I think they have a special program for memorials that don't charge fees and expedite transfers.
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Over on the P we thought about a Before Black class at the next event but didn't know if there were enough B4B cars running to have more than a few rounds :)
I heard.. where can I donate? Who did he leave behind? I'm bummed out about this...
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