having more problems with my alky kit...

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Nov 25, 2002
I was having problems about a month ago with my alky kit, sent Steve my control box, he sent me a new one... it worked when I first put it in the car, (well, as far as I could tell the kit could work. it worked when I pressed the test button and it worked when I applied pressure to the line using a air blower) but since the tranny wasn’t in the car I couldn’t truly test it.

I finally have a tranny in the car and its running (woohoo) now, a month later the kit is dead again... I 'hotwired' the pump, directly off the battery and the pump worked just fine. Tried the test button again, no work...... I applied pressure to the boost line, using an air blower w/ a rubber tip... I believe it was working... but couldn’t tell because I left the car running since that’s how Steve told me to do it. So it works when I apply pressure to it via air blower but it doesn’t work when I have the car at WOT... so could I have spliced into an incorrect vacuum line? I thought it was fine to splice into any vacuum line? :confused:

Then, while testing the kit, I noticed that around the up pipe were the bung is for the alky, there seems to be alky leaking out of this area... so I must have a sealing problem in that area.. What can I use to seal that area up with? Any sort of RTV sealer or what?

Could all my problems be that I have spliced into the incorrect vacuum lines? Or could the wiring for the control box to the alky kit be screwed?

i would just give steve a call, he knows the system. also there is a adjustment screw on the pressure switch located on the bottle. you could try adjusting that, its a little allen screw. thats what fixed mine. as far as the leaks, are the nozzles tight? if not try using diffrent washers. i also had that problem and thats how i cured it.im sure youll get more people lookin at this that know more than i do. good luck:D
The nozzle fittings are pipe thread. You must use a sealer like teflon paste or teflon tape. Use them very little on the threads only.

The lite on the controller fires when the pressure lines reaches a preset pressure. This is done via the switch on the pump outlet. I hate those switches. You must have a solid ground on the harness by the pump connection coming off the harness.

As far as your vacuum connection, typically if you tie into your boost guage line, you'll be ok.


Post back your results for those searching for problem resolution.
Originally posted by Razor
Post back your results for those searching for problem resolution.


well, right now i have the boost sensing line sliced into a line that appears to go into the EGR valve.. is that a bad line to be using?

i cant mess with anything till Thursday, but i will post back my findings,

and i have talked to Steve, he just told me to check to see if the alky was kicking on while the car was under boost, and if it wasnt, then call him back... i havent had the chance to go test it out, and i also dont want to mess with it too much if the alky is leaking..

thanks for the help
If you hooked it up after the check valve YES its a bad spot.

Typically the best place is the line going to the MAP sensor on the passenger side torwards the firewall. Install a "T" there and run your clear hose to one of the "T"
humm, does this check valve rest against the firewall? becasue where i Tee-ed into is the line that comes right out of the EGR... maybe thats where most of my problems lay?

Re-read my post. You need to connect to a line that will see boost. The check valves prevent boost but let vacuum through.

Do you have a boost guage? Connect it to that line.
The easiest way is to cut the line going to your boost guage and insert the T there. Mine is spliced under the dash about 3' from the boost gauge.
Its alive! thanks Razor! i did exactly what you said, i spliced into my boost gauge line. and everything was A-ok..... except the alky was coming on at about 5psi... its coming on around 11-12 now. now, i drop fiuel pressure correct? or should i leave it at 42psi line off?

Adjust your fuel pressure to meet your O2 goals. Adjust your alky to meet your KR goals. If your running 23 PSI boost for example and your O2's are 800, then drop your fuel pressure to get them down into the 760 zone. If your running 760's for O2's and see no KR, then drop your alky pump speed till you see a little KR then, up it till it goes away. If you run straight denatured, you can increase pump speed a bit more and get a little rise in O2's since the alky burns..then you drop FP to compensate for the extra alky.

Its a balance between the two..Get it lean and mean..it will bring smiles per gallon :)
alright, well hopfully my boost controller will get here sometime this weekend and i can start figuring this out this weekend.

thanks for all the help, i appericate it
No problem.. get that car ready for the end of Feb here at Bradenton... we need a strong SFLA showing.. to keep the event strong.

Boost controller..just get a HD wastegate actuator and let the chip beform the majic via the VC selenoid