Head Gaskets and O-ring Block


Mar 10, 2003
I dropped my block off at the machine shop today, The guy suggested I have the block o-ringed and get some copper gaskets. I was wondering if this is a good idea and if so what head gaskets will I need to get. Anyone else have there block o-ringed? Any opions on o-ringing the block. Thanks, Jason
Dont do it.

Time to check your machine shops credability..its not a chevy motor..
From what I've seen, O-rings are not a good idea. It is much better to blow a head gasket than break pistons or cranks. For most people, head gaskets act as a fuse. It's really a minor inconvience to repair head gaskets in comparison to major engine parts. I'm not sure what the turbobuick community thinks, but in my mind this is sound logic, as Buick heads seem to seal pretty well.
Thanks. Guys I'll let him know not to do it. I was not sure what the purpose was for o-ringing the block, But I'd rather let a head gasket go instead of something major inside. Jason
Originally posted by Jas89TTA
I was not sure what the purpose was for o-ringing the block, Jason

Get some extra machine work labor.. have you blow a hole through a piston.. then get more machine work labor :)

Easy..whats this shops name..I have to buy some stock..they know how to keep guys coming back..

How else do machine shops make money..they charge labor for everything.. wait till you get your bill..it will be 30% higher than you ever expected.. ;)
Razor is right about machine shops, I took my heads in for
some work and they quoted me a price of $275, but when I went
to pick them up the total bill was $460 :eek: .

Originally posted by Razor
Dont do it.

Time to check your machine shops credability..its not a chevy motor..

Whats' the difference then?
Why can a Chevy have copper gaskets and o-rings and not a Buick?:rolleyes:
Uffe.. I guess you never had copper gaskets on the street have you.

Guess what, I have.. I will never do it again. First is the sealing issues around the water ports, then its the sealing issues period, you have to use Hylomar Spray to seal them..and half the time, you'll leak coolant into your oil. So you run some BARS additive to stop the leak... once your happy with that.. first time you detonate it hard, you'll blow a hole rite through your piston.

Been there with a Big Block 462 CI Chevy motor with a Blower.. will never do it again.. Using the SCE head gaskets..copper

Go on and oring..when you blow that hole cuase your TUNE is off.. you'll need to bore the block and buy new pistons/rings....simple headgasket works.. always does..

Take all the fuses out of your fuse box and install hard wires.. same principal.

When your in the 8's and its a race motor only, that a couple coolant drips are no issue.. then do it.

Something always will let go when it goes out of tune..I rather it be a 40 dollar fuse(HG) than 2500 in machine work/parts
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what do they do when they "o-ring" the block?

"they" create more work for themselves :p like others have said leeme blow a headgasket...NOT a hole in the piston !!!! Machine shops ?????? NOT goin there :rolleyes:
They cut a 360* ring around the cylinder and combustion chamber. Install a protruding ring of either steel or copper wire in the ring. When the heads are clamped down the gasket essentially gets compressed onto the ring from both sides. By doing this the gasket will not shift causing the exhaust gases to go under the gasket and lift and blow.

The down side is there is no relief valve(head gaskets). If your tune is out and you detonate be prepared to spend cash on a bore hone crank possibly pistons enough pressure will crack the main webbing if the pistons happen to contain it letting the mains and rod bearings take the abuse. Since these motors are known to put out 600+ lb/ft at a low rpm the bearings are already being beat up enough as it is.

In a nutshell.