Header Crack (Again)


May 29, 2001
A local GN vendor replaced my stock, cracked driver side header with a repaired, welded stock one 3 years ago. Looking at in closely the other day I think I found a 2" crack.

Is it common to have a welded stock header re-crack ?

Who in the Seattle area would you recommend re-welding this for me ?
Geno maybe ?

I certainly could use a second opinion before I rip it off the engine.
Unfortunately it is common. I wouldn’t take it to just anyone; let me know if you need a hand in repairing it.
Ken Bodhaine is the man.
He always charges me very little $ for this kind of work because he's simply one heck of a nice guy. Fun to chat cars with too.

Frank, just give Ken a call or email. He'll take good care of ya.
Be sure to check out his new "special project" underway for his GN. Hope to see him driving his GN more next race season.
I hear from Kens kid that his dad likes "TWINS" about as much as coors light does;) .