Header crack question


Apr 20, 2002
I know all about the driver's side header cracking, but has anyone ever heard of the passenger side header cracking. The last time I drove the car, it developed a loud knock under power, so I decided to tear into the engine (snow's coming soon anyway) and I found 2 lifters worn (#3 exhaust lifter and #5 intake lifter). Then I took off the passenger header and found loose bolts on #4 and #6 exhaust ports and the gasket was blown out (metal was still there but paper was gone) and the header is craked right at the crossover pipe end just below the flange for the bolts. The crack is about 3-4 inches long. Anyone know what would cause this, maybe the loose bolts? I've got champion GN1's, are there different torque specs for these vs the stock iron's? And last but not least, should I be using a gasket or not? Sorry for rambling, I just want to get this right this time. I was also thinking of doing a roller cam to eliminate lifter wear, and putting a girdle on it, with all the caps. Any thoughts? Thanks for taking the time, Paul.:)
Yes they crack - not near as much as the driver's side, but they do crack. The loose bolts helped the crack along..