Header Panel


Goin Sideways
Jun 6, 2001
Any progress on your header panel? My headlight bezels are being held on with chewing gum and duct tape with my only option to find an OE or slap more bailing wire on mine until Spoolfool comes out with his replacement. The aftermarket fiberglass ones are garbage, I have one in my attic.

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Not yet. Sorry.
I'm into the project more money and hours than I care to admit and still not happy with the way stuff is coming out of the mold.
I don't want to turn out a product that doesn't fit nice. I've also been busy with a bunch of new stuff that I've had on the back burner for a while.
I like to invent and craft new ideas. That is where my heart is. It just takes time. My time. I'm a control freak that likes doing stuff himself.
This is why I don't tell people what I'm doing until it's done. Turbo Lou let the cat out of the bag on my header panel long ago.o_O

Oh yea. Don't forget to call Lou for ALL your Turbo Buick tech questions. (949) 378-1590 :D

Thank you guys for all the support and patience.

Mike B.