Chuck Leeper

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May 28, 2001
Looking for a source for the shorty Mustang headers [5.0] that have 1 3/4" tubes. Am finding many w/ 1 5/8's, but no 1 3/4's......[The 1 3/4's I have found are a ton of $$. I found some on the bag, but lost the link.]
Mild steel, no coating is preferred.

May have to change the exh on my 6.0 LSx, in the 55.Too close to the steer box...:mad:
Found 2...

Chuck ,
If you find a source or brand please let me know.

Louie, I found 2 part #'s in the Patriot catalog. [Pertronix owns Patriot].
Both have 1 3/4" tubes and 3" collectors.
The main differences in the 2 are the overall dimensions. The H8436 is a bit titer fitting than the H8435..
Summit sells them. Looks to be later this month B4 they are available...