Headgasket installation with Studs

Keep in mind before you invent exotic solutions to headbolts and studs possibly leaking, V-6 Buick headbolts and studs have over an inch of engagement, small block Chevies, fords, and mopars have about a half of an inch engagement. Oatey Teflon pipe dope seals big and small block Chevies half inch engagement very reliably. We chase the deck holes, then spray them with brake cleaner, dip a Phillips screwdriver in the pipe dope, and work it into the deck threads. As for bolts or studs, wash with brake cleaner if new, or if used clean first with a power wire brush, then using the brush in cap, lightly coat the studs or bolts threads, then roll a pair together to work the pipe dope into the roots of the threads. We have assembled over a thousand "wet deck" engines with no leaks using this method. Remember Chevies, ford's and mopar "wet deck" engines all have less than half the deck threads of the Buick.