Headlamp/antenna repair

Pace 1989

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Aug 10, 2001
Does anyone know where to disconnect the antenna? I had to pull the fuse because the motor wouldn't stop running. I'd like to be able to put the fuse back in but disconnect the antenna, but I don't know where the wiring is to do so.

Also, one of my headlights won't go up. I tried the 180 thing and I guess too much of the gear is stripped. Does any one know who sells a rebuild kit?


Ken TTA#1426
You can either put a switch on one of the cables going to your radio that controlls the relay for the antenna, I've done this as I have a aftermarket CD player/Radio and when I'm not listeneing to the radio I don't have to have the antenna up. I have to look for the color of the wire when I'm back home for the weekend.

Other option is to pull the antenna relay, you find this under the black plastic panel on the passanger side just below the dash pouch, held by 3 of 4 screws from underneth the dashboard. It's the only relay there.

Hope this helps

TTA #1078
Thanks, the relay is exactly what I am looking for, I'll try that this weekend.
Anyone on the headlamp? I tried MidAmerica, they make repair kits for the 'vette and thought it might work on ours. It's $60 and they don't know if it will work. Anyone ever tried it? C'mon somebody fixed their headlight!

Ken TTA#1426
Which side is bad?

Have you considered the u-pull-it boneyard in bradenton.Maybe easier to pull an assembly out of the junkyard.

May also try searching the thirdgen.org site?
The passenger side is bad. I took it apart and moved the gear 180, that didn't work, then I took the motor apart and moved the gear 90 and that didn't work. The weird thing is the gear didn't look stripped anywhere. You can move the headlamp up and down by hand.
I went to thirdgen.org and it was under construction.
Hopefully gonna go to the track this Thursday as long as the oil leak is fixed. Still don't know about the fuel pump, I don't think my gauge is long enough to reach the windshield. I also fear doing a fuel pump on this car.

See ya at the track thursday.

I'll keep an eye out for a passenger side motor.