Power Antenna, Alternatives and Options in 2023


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Well my fender is off due to installing the Caspers engine harness, I have a freyed radio to antenna wire, I believe this is called the..

Self-Reject Connector
Image below

Mechanic says new radios have a different connector and that there's a possible antenna swap out vs trying to find this connector.

Are there newer, from a different car, antenna motors and complete units that fit us?

Is the Mike Monte cable update the best option? In case I just roll with the factory unit.

Anyone know where to find that self-reject connector, wire?



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I would look on casperselectronics.com for a matching pigtail. Most likely they have it. Do you have a photo of the actual connector since you have access?
Here's the radio to antenna wire that's frayed.


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Steel mast....

Kirban only accepts Amazon Pay now.....

Monte does the rebuild but I don't have time to do all that....

Who else sells the steel antenna mast?