Heavy soot on pistons

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
I have a question I have a 84 Riviera engine that had a bad turbo on it and I took the heads off and all 6 pistons were full of soot. I'm used to the intercooled cars. When a turbo goes bad is this what happens?

Crazy part is the hole that the turbo goes into didnt have any oil in it.
Some pics I was trying to clean off pistons with kerosene that's why it looks wet.


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Actually it wasnt. I took the heads off and there was heavy soot on the pistons so I was trying to clean them. Hotairs dump oil on the pistons when turbo bad.
Probably just the nature of the engine and a stock cam on gasoline. When I had to replace the KB Xb1 cam and cut the heads on the 3.8 in my Impulse, that engine had a bunch of carbon on the pistons, it was .030 over 9.25:1 compression and ran really good.