HEI Spark Plug Wires


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May 24, 2001
I put together this spreadsheet of some spark plug wire lengths. I figure some folks here might find it useful.

The ACDelco replacements for the Buick V6 are much longer than stock. They were $33 on Amazon. MSD has some sets that are close, but are closer to $95/set. I went with the red Dodge V8 set on my '83 TR. I didn't use the shortest and longest wires. They fit fairly well.

I'm putting the ACDelco 9066T set on my '82 GN for now, while I chase down some oil leaks. Hopefully I can keep the extra length away from the exhaust pipes.

Oh, the ACDelcos are 8 mm, while the MSD are 8.5 mm. You will need new wire holders with the 8.5 mm.