Hello from Texas!


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Hey friends. First time long time. Purchased my first Buick this evening. 1986 T-Type. Thank you in advance for all the advice / feedback as I go on this journey.

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s-l1600 (4).jpg

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Include me in the nut job category I guess. My first thought was "cool car, I wonder how many 86 T-Types are still on the road and how many in this color combo and leather seats". Next thought was "damn, whoever serviced the powermaster last actually got the fill levels correct. What a rare find".

Only a Buick nut job thinks like this :ROFLMAO:
WOW !!! You found yourself one nice T-Type !!! Leather, CF5 moonroof ... I like !! Post up a pic of the RPO sticker in the trunk. Would love to see the options list. '86s often had some interesting ones.