help about a sony XR-U550 and options


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Well, as of now, i have a sony XR-U550 detachable face tape deck in my car. I'm pretty sure you can hook up a cd changer to it. Anyways, would it be cheaper for me to pick up a cd changer (how much do those things go for anyways?) and run it through the deck, or just buy a new cd player-deck. I'm kinda short on cash, so keep that in mind. Also, my uncle just gave me 2 10" rockford subs for free, so i'm gonna want to buy an amp and run everything together eventually. Thanks for the input
In most cases it is cheaper to buy a changer if you already have a changer controller head unit. I am sure if you do a search for your model number, you will find out what a changer will run you. Or you can call a Sony Authorized dealer in your area to find out price.
I believe thats and older model, from the early 90's perhaps. Any car Sony car audio head with a 'U' stands for Unilink which is the information bus that transfers the protocalls (commands) between the head and everything else (cd changer, digital eq, etc.) You should be able to get any Sony cd changer that has Unilink on it. Which as far as I know is EVERY changer they make now. You should be able to pick one up for around $150.
thanks for the help....i took a look at most of the cd changers, and they run about the same price as a mid-range cd player....personally, i think a cd player would be more convienent. Do you think it'd be wise to get a cd player for 200ish instead of a changer, and if so, which one (i plan on buying an amp soon to run my 2 10" rockford subs, so it'll need to be able to handle that. thanks for the help, i really appriciate it)
I visited a car audio forum on "Pacific Car Audio" and there were a few people bashing the quality of the new Sonys so I would say for a decent head unit for that price range I would say look into the Pioneer, Panasonic, JVC line. There are others but I am partial to the Panasonic line because I put one in my Corvette for something cheap and it really performs well and is still going after 4 years :cool: . Plus the shop my buddy owned sold them and we never had any problems with any of them except one that we sent in for warranty work.
Ya the new Sony HU's are pretty bad. It kills me to say that because I love all the Sony products. But the truth hurts sometimes. However, the changers are still the tops. They built the very first changer back in 88' and still build them for many brands. The newer 6 disk changer from them is very good. If your looking to add a changer you picked IMHO the best brand.