HELP! Anyone have their motor out?


May 27, 2001
Does anyone have the motor out of their TTA, and have the stock crossmember, and have a pair of calipers?

I need the EXACT dimensions of the rectangular frame pad that is bolted to the crossmember. This pad is what the motor mounts would bolt to.

Some pictures would be cool too. :)
Anyone have some spares they want to part with???

Thanks in advance for any/all help.
Poly motor mounts for the TTA's get closer every day :)
Originally posted by TurboTA3.8
i have mine still and my motor is out of the car


Looks like you have a K-member, not the stock crossmember. Any chance you have the factory pads laying around???
im using the factory pads so it does not matter if i have a factory kmember or aftermarket all the same